Rust / Servo Hackathon

Learn more Rust, improve Servo or bring your own project! We are looking forward to a fun weekend with pizza and lots of thinking minds.

This independent hackathon at the Coredump hackerspace ( is focussed on Servo, the next generation browser engine from Mozilla:
If you’ve never taken a closer look at the project, don’t worry! There are a lot of beginner-friendly tickets marked as “easy” in the issue tracker.

Whether you are new to Rust (there will be a small introduction) or already give talks at Rust conferences, we want you!

Can’t wait? Prepare your Laptop with git and rustup. Install rust nightly with rustup ( and git clone Servo (

Still not comfortable? Why not chill with a video from this great screencast series:

If you wish to participate, please sign up via Meetup.